How to Unhide Files in MIUI 8 : Hide Photos & Videos on Redmi Devices

How to Unhide Files in MIUI 8 : Redmi devices have an awesome feature to hide your personal data which you never want to show to anyone. You can hide photos, videos, documents, apk including music. It is great feature available for Redmi devices which are running on MIUI 7.1 or MIUI 8 (latest update for Redmi devices).

The best thing is that this feature has only and only advantage because you need not to install any extra app from third-party or Google Play Store. It is default feature in Redmi Devices.

In this article I want to tell you that how you can use this feature to hide or unhide your desired files. I am also using it personally and found no bug or insecurity. If you do not know about this feature then this article is for you. Keep reading to know.

Hide & Unhide Files in MIUI 8 Using this Method :

First of all use this method to get started with hiding files. After that you can jump to next step to Unhide Files. So lets start.

How to unhide files in miui 8

■ Firstly, open the Default File Explorer (Usually Called File Manager) in your Redmi Device.

■ Now on screen you can see Videos, Photos, Docs and many other folders. Open one of them or which you want to hide.

■ After opening particular folder (suppose videos folder), select file which you want to hide.

■ Now tap on “more” option and then click on “Hide” option.

■ You will be asked to select unlock method and set lock as pattern, pin or password (even fingerprint in case device supports it).

■ Set lock is one time process. You need not to set password every time while hiding files.

■ That is it. File will be hidden within few seconds and your file is safe now.

This is the method to hide your files. No one can access your files even he/she can’t imagine that it is possible to hide all type of files without help of any app.

This method works smoothly in MIUI 8 supported devices. Even MIUI 7.1 running Devices also competable to use this feature. Leave a comment below if you are facing any problem regarding it. I will help you to solve.

How to Unhide Files/ Show Hidden Files :

Being a newbie while using this feature you will face a problem after successful hiding your files.

What is it? It is common to ask because you don’t know now where these files are hidden. Here I am telling that how you can find and Unhide your hidden files.

■ First of all, Go to same file explorer. Wait, don’t open it.

■ Just pull down the screen with your finger and you will see the secret. When you see round lock icon leave finger.

■ Hope you are seeing a screen asking to enter your password/pin/pattern.

■ Enter your password or unlock with fingerprint if it enabled via finger lock method.

■ Now you can see your all hidden files. You can access them or browse them.

■ To unlock desired file just select it and tap on “Unhide” option.

■ That’s it your file will be restored in same folder. Or you can choose your desired path to restore the file.

Now you are ready to use this feature as you know how to use it. Using it you can easily hide or unhide your files. Even you can access them without unlocking like other apps.

Share this amazing method and tell them to try it if they do not know about it. Let me know if you have any problem while using this feature. I will solve it as soon as possible. Leave a comment below.

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