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How To Delete/Recover Gmail Address ( For Both Android & PC )

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Today I am going to teach you how to delete your gmail address permanently and after that recover it.You know it’s little hard to find delete gmail address option.When you want to delete your gmail address permanently then you find it hard to do.But here you will get full guide about this topic even you could recover your deleted Gmail address successfully.

Delete Gmail

How to delete your gmail address permanently ( For Android Device ) –

1. First of all make sure that you are signed in in your device

2. Now go to setting option of your android device and find Account option

3. Click on Account >> Google 

4. Now you can see your gmail account and in beneath of it you can also see option of Account Preference

5. Click on Account Preference >> delete your account 

6. After clicking on delete your account you are done

7. Now your account has been deleted successfully

How to delete you Gmail address permanently ( For PC & Mobile Browser )

1. Firstly go to www.gmail.com and sign in with your account which you want to delete

2. Now after signing in find option Account Preference

3. Click on delete account or service >> delete product

4. Now select your gmail address which you want to choose ( If you have more than one accounts )

5. Now click on delete >> remove Gmail 

6. You are done now !!

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How to recover Gmail address after delete –

After deletion of your gmail account you have only short amount of time to try recover your account and only if you have not signed in your Gmail , Google playstore or other Google play products.

To see that you can recover your account or not go to https://www.google.com/accounts/recovery/

and select I’m having others problems signing in option

Now follow steps & instructions to restore your account.

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