6 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps

Want to make a video by Recording your Android screen for YouTube or any purpose ? You are at right place, here you can find the best android screen recorder apps of this year. These are very simple, easy and lightweight apps.

Best Android Screen Recorder
Best Android Screen Recorder

There are thousands of app where they also providing same features of screen record but if you use those apps you will become irritate by their worst interface and advertising which comes repeatedly on those android screen recorder apps.

You can set the resolution of recording video before the record, low to full HD. Also, there are many features one of them is you can easily pause and resume the video on the screen recorder app.

Best Android Screen Recorder apps (6 Apps):

1. SCR Pro Screen Recorder:

  • There is no time limit for screen recording.
  • It’s totally free app, no advertisement.
  • There are two types of SCR Pro apps one is for Rooted users and another one is for normal users.
  • Download for Rooted Devices | Normal Devices
  • Your android version should be Lollipop or above version.

2. DU Recorder:

  • It’s the best app ever, features are awesome.
  • You can use both Front rear camera on the screen to record both Android screen and camera face.
  • Easily drag and mark at your specific position by the help of brush option.
  • Also, you can create GIF Recorder.
  • Stream your screen to Facebook and Youtube.
  • Easily turn off/on Watermark

3. Az Screen Recorder:

  • It’s also a free app, no time limit and no watermark.
  • But it contains advertisement.
  • Simple interface to record, easily Pause play option available.
  • Record with HD quality.

4. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

  • Set your Bitrate means per minute how much MB you need.
  • If your android running with 4.4, then you need root permission to record.
  • Also, your Android should be 4.4 or more to run this app.
  • A customizable countdown timer on-screen recording to set-up perfectly.
  • Record voice with Mic by connecting a Mic.
  • Shake your device, or simply switch your screen off, to stop your recording early.

5. Mobizen Screen Recorder


  • This app needs permission to work on your android.
  • After that, you will get a small control icon on your screen Facebook messenger pop-up
  • Click on that, you will able to see three options to record, setting another one is for image capture.
  • This app contains advertisement and free too.

6. ADV Screen Recorder

  • This app also needs permission for the overlay interface to function.
  • After that open the app again, now you can see a small option will visible on top right corner.
  • Click on that to record and to stop also.
  • It doesn’t have easy pause record features.
  • But one feature available that drag and mark on the video.

We have written about Best android screen recorder and here is our personal experienced review about these app. If you have rooted device then use SCR Pro otherwise use Du recorder, it’s also work on rooted devices.

Also, you can see the best screen recorder for windows. Like our Facebook page to update with us. From above screen recording software, you can record the game too without any buffering, unlimited times with external and internal mic.



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