Amazon Quiz Time : App Only, Check All Answers of Today’s Quiz

As we know Amazon now has started Amazon Quiz to get more customers. Amazon is the biggest online store to buy Fashion products, Home & Kitchen products, Accessories, Mobiles and much more.

Nowadays, this giant online store has started the best way to increase customers named Amazon Quiz.

Amazon Quiz organised day-to-day by Amazon on its app. It is App Exclusive Quiz, mean you have to download their app. In this quiz you can win smartphone such as iPhone, Nokia 6, Blackberry and more.

My purpose to write this post is to help you by providing all correct answers so you can become eligible to participate in Lucky draw.

It is not guaranteed that you will win even after giving all correct answers but you should give a try who knows you are the winner.

We will try to add all correct answer. If we unable to provide you can comment and help others. Bookmark this page I will add answers of all upcoming quizes in single post. Hope you’ll like my effort.

Amazon Quiz : Answers of Today’s Quiz ?

Quiz : Win Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Duration : 8th September 11:59:00 pm

There will be 2 winners only. Winnerd will be announced on 30th September and prizes will be sent on or before 20th October.

Questions & Answers :

1] Galaxy Note8’s ‘Infinity Display’ has full frontal glass and sports an edge to edge screen ?

And : True.

2] What is the size of Galaxy Note8’s Infinity display ?

And : 6.3 Inche.

3] Which of these is NOT a feature of the Galaxy Note8’s S-Pen ?

Ans : Telekinesis.

4] Which of these features of Galaxy Note8 allow biometric authentication ?

Ans : Iris and finger Print scan.

5] Which of these is NOT a feature of the Galaxy Note8’s camera ?

Ans : 3D Printing.

6] What is the name of Samsung’s new virtual assistant that comes pre-loaded on the Galaxy Note8 ?

Ans : Bixby.

7] Which of the following features of Galaxy Note8’s dual camera allow you to capture pictures, both near and far ?

Ans : 7.2x optical zoom.

8] Which of the following could you use to turn the Galaxy Note 8 into a PC like experience ?

Ans : Samsung Dex.

Quiz : Win 10.or E Smartphone

Duration : 7th September 11:59:00 pm

There will be 6 winners only and announced on 28th September. Prizes will be given and delivered till 30th October.

Questions and Answers :

1] Using 1 & 0, the brand 10.or represents the word “Tenor” ?

Ans : True.

2] What is the screen size of the 10.or E ?

Ans : 5.5 Inches.

3] What is the battery capacity of 10.or E mobile ?

Ans : 4000mAh.

4] What is the phrase associated with brand tenor ?

Ans : Defined by you.

5] Tenor 10.or mobile is exclusively available on Amazon ?

Ans : True.

Quiz : Nutrilicious [Win 5000 Amazon Pay Balance]

Duration : 20th August 11:59:00 pm

Questions & Answers :

1] Which of these is Not considered a Nutrient ?

Ans : caramel.

2] What is healthier gain option are the MAGGI Nutri-Licious range of noodles made off ?

Ans : atta and Oats.

3] Which are the following items are considered to be rich source of fibre ?

Ans: oats.

4] Which of these is NOT function of protein in the Human body ?

Ans : Makes you a Movie star.

5] Maggi Nutri-licious range of noodles and Proteins & fibre to your diet ?

Ans : True.

Quiz : Win Lenovo K8 Note

Duration : 17th August 11:59:00 p.m.

Questions & Answers :

1] What operating system does the Lenovo K8 Note run on ?

Ans : Android Nougat 7.1.1.

2] Which of these is NOT a feature of the Lenovo K8 Note ?

Ans : Space Travel.

3] What is the maximum storage option available in the Lenovo K8 Note ?

Ans : 64GB.

4] Which of these features is NOT available in the dual camera of the K8 Note ?

Ans: Teleportation.

5] The Lenovo K8 Note in India will only be available on Amazon ?

Ans : True.

Quiz Name : India Quiz

Duration : 15th August 12:59:00 PM

Questions & Answers :

1] Which of these dance forms originatedin south India ?

Ans : Kathakali.

2] What was the first full-length Indian feature film ever made ?

Ans : Raja Harishchandra.

3] Which of these English words have Indian roots ?

Ans : Shampoo.

4] Who was the first Indian to travel in space ?

Ans : Rakesh Sharma.

5] The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay (Mumbai) and Thane. When was this ?

Ans : 1853.

Amazon Quiz

Quiz Name : BlackBerry KEYone

Duration : 4th Aug 12:00am to 11:59pm

Questions & Answers :

1] Which Operating System Does The Blackberry KEYone run On ?

Ans : Android Nougat OS.

2] The BlackBerry KEYone in India Will Only Be Available on Amazon ?

Ans : True.

3] Which of This is Not a Feature of The KEYone ?

Ans : Space Travel.

4] When will the BlackBerry KEYone be available for sale on Amazon ?

Ans : 8th Aug 2017.

5] Which of This is not a feature of the Smart Keyboard of the KEYone ?

Ans : 3D Display.

Amazon Quiz : How to Enter ?

Here I am writing “How you can enter and take participation in Amazon Quiz”. All you have to download Amazon app and follow described procedure.

● Download Amazon App.

● Install and Open it and login into it.

● On Homepage you can see quiz banner, Click on it and start it.

● Now give all the answers and at last you will see Congratulations! Message.

● It means you have cracked all correct answers and eligible to lucky draw.

● Now wait for the given date of winners announcement and check whether you are in list or not.

● If you are in list of winners then claim your prize by their given instructions.

So, it was about Amazon Quiz in which everybody can participate and win some freebies. It is recommended that before going to quiz check this post for all correct and verified answers. Stay tuned for more latest update about Amazon Quiz. Share this post to support us.



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